4 Best Accessories To Improve Ride Comfort in a Golf Cart

Golf is a unique sport that requires focus and dexterity more than others. The level of concentration and control it requires are what have made people fall in love with the sport, even among many professional athletes of different sport disciplines. For golfers, professional and recreational players alike, there isn’t much better than spending afternoons hitting away at golf balls and working on perfecting their swings.

If there is one thing that can make the experience on a course better, it would be enhancing the ride quality of the golf carts used for getting from one location to another. And surprisingly, golfers spend quite a lot of time on carts moving around on the golf course. This makes upgrading comfort on the golf cart even more worthwhile. There are multiple accessories to improve the comfort and ride quality of a golf cart. Here we will present the best value for money accessories to achieve that.

Seat Covers

One of the most valuable accessories installable for increasing comfort in a golf cart is seat covers. While most golf carts come with stock seats of decent cushioning and quality, golfers often need more cushioning and support when driving around the golf course. Seat covers provide an effective solution to this need and they come in a range of variations in terms of thickness, material, and quality. Installing a seat cover of your exact preference and need will totally change your experience driving a golf cart as well your overall experience on the golf course.

Roof Extension Top

The fact that golf is an outdoor sport played on a wide-open field makes golfers vulnerable to weather conditions and changes. While you can take preventive precautions and check the weather forecast before you head out for a game, it is a waste of opportunity to cancel your plan for every prediction of mild rainfall or unfavorable weather. What you can do instead is install a club car long roof on your golf cart to provide you and your friends shelter from rain as well as sun, and head to safety if the weather turns unpleasant or unfavorable.


It shouldn’t be new to you that it can get quite windy in an open golf course. On days when it's really windy, dust particles can blow in to your eyes, nose, and mouth causing irritation and knocking you off your game elements. Installing a windscreen on your golf cart can shield you from dust, as well as other weather elements such as rain and hail. The good thing is that windscreens come in different sizes so you can either install one that covers the front fully or go for a unit with a partial coverage area.

Attached Coolers

Chilled beverages including water taste much better than when they are at room temperature, or worse warm. Since the majority of golf carts do not come with coolers, golfers often have to settle for outdoor temperature beverages that tend to be refreshing and quenching less than they could be. You can easily deal with this issue by installing an attached cooler to keep your beverage and snacks cool and fresh.


When you set out to play golf and spend some quality time with friends, you want every part of the experience to be perfect. If discomfort on your butt while driving your golf cart, or other factors such as wind, rain, dust, and others ruin your experience, the accessories mentioned above can easily provide solutions.

If you’re interested in installing the club car long roof on your golf cart, Flip for Covers makes custom stationary golf cart tops for carts with rear seats of 4 or 6 passengers. To check out more details and features about their rooftop, visit their website.

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