4 Reasons to Prefer Extension Tops over Replacing Your Golf Cart Roof

Golf cart tops keep you protected from rain and sun. While they act as a roof while it’s raining, they act as a protective layer for your skin on a sunny day. And, they keep your clubs in the best shape too. 

Sadly, not all carts come with golf cart tops. Even the ones having one full short in length, exposing your clubs and body parts to the glaring sun and harsh rain. Golf cart roof extension tops can add that missing coverage without breaking the bank!

What are golf cart roof extension tops?

Golf cart roof extension tops are designed for carts with a short roof to achieve the desired coverage. These tops fit the most popular golf carts, including Club Car, E-Z Go, Yamaha, and Icon Golf Carts. They offer reliable protection without needing you to spend too much. Some perks of using golf cart roof extensions are: 

Quick, easy installation

Rooftop extensions are needed as standard-size roofs fail to cover the entire cart, leaving the back seat exposed. While they look elegant, they don’t serve the purpose. Coming to installation, rooftop extensions are easy to install. They don’t require drilling and can be attached within minutes. So, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of installation.

Compactness and durability

Another significant benefit of using golf cart roof extensions is the compactness and durability offered by them. They are lightweight and easy to handle. These days, you can purchase retractable golf cart tops that extend and retract according to your needs. You can extend them on a sunny day and retract when you want to enjoy a pleasant evening.

A wide variety of colors available

Using a rooftop extension doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the aesthetic appearance of your golf cart to extend your roof by a few inches. Manufacturers make sure to meet your exact needs and offer extension tops in a variety of colors. While cream and white are the most common colors, you can always opt for a custom top matching the color of your cart. It may cost you a few extra dollars, but it will be worth it.

Available for a fraction of new large roof cost

The best thing about using a roof extension top for your golf cart is its cost-effectiveness. While replacing the rooftop with a new larger one may cost you a whopping amount, that’s not the case with extending it using a golf cart roof extension top. You can get one for a fraction of cost and enjoy the exact same benefits without breaking the bank.

The bottom line

Golf cart roof extension tops easily coordinate with the color of your cart’s body and offer reliable protection to your clubs and other belongings. With a roof extension top, their use will no more be limited to golf sessions. You can use your cart to visit neighborhoods with friends and pick groceries from a nearby store.

In case you’re looking for golf cart roof extension tops, reach out to us today or explore our collection here.

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