5 Additions to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

A golf cart is a vital conveyance buggy that transports players and accessories to the field. Although it is complete, you can upgrade it with a long-roof golf cart and E-Z Go accessories to draw more advantages each time you use it. 


If you own a golf cart, we will enlighten you about five excellent additions you can integrate into the cart to make it an acceptable transporting vehicle that supports seamless storage and carriage of other essentials. 


Installing these long-roof golf carts and E-Z Go accessories in your cart allows you to upgrade its delivery effortlessly and improve the whole performance.


Extended Roof

The Yamaha golf cart's extended roof protects passengers and golf clubs in the rear from scorching and damaging sunlight on the golf field. Furthermore, the extended roof prevents occasional showers that can drench your stuff in the rear and affect its quality. 


Golf Cart Windshield Storage Caddy

Like a caddie enriching a player with constant moral support, the windshield storage caddy is also tailored to support the cart with multiple spacious pockets. These pockets provide enough space for a player or a rider to secure essentials within the sight frame and get access to the critical gear.


Rear Seat Saddle Bags

Increase the storage space with more inches using these rear seat saddlebags, perfect for slipping in your water bottles and energy drinks. These bags allow the rear seaters to store their essentials for golf sports, such as golf tees, tee holders, and ball pouches that might be a hassle to carry in hands or keep in the lap.


Backseat Caddy

A backseat caddy is another addition that effortlessly increases a golf cart's storage potential. It conveniently attaches to the backseat without creating inconvenience or poking people's backs, as these usually come in the Sea Duck marine fabric, known for its rigidity. 


It is specially designed to hold essential accessories and utilities for the back seaters without occupying space in the front. 


Undermount Slider Cover for Long Roof Golf Carts 

This undermount slider offers more effective protection during rain storms that can wet and spoil your groceries or costly golf clubs in the rear. The accessory provides additional support to the passengers and goods in the back and allows them to see through with the available transparent cut-out.



It is logical not to treat a golf cart as a mini-transport vehicle used for sports only but as a proper vehicle as they function as one. Besides sports, the additions to your golf cart increase the number of advantages you can take from it. 


Intelligent people use a golf cart for multiple uses, for example, camping, hunting, and outing other golf fields. So, take your golf cart out right now and restructure it to make it more competitive than a traditional one. 


Visit the neighborhood, buy groceries, go to beaches, or take a joyful ride across the city; why not add more significance to their existence than just using them on fields or for limited purposes?


Flip Fore Covers is a leading manufacturer of golf cart parts that elevate its purposes and increase a rider's experience.

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