7 Ultimate Tips For Golf Cart Maintenance

Golf carts are not simply a convenient way to get around the golf course–they are a quick and easy means of short-distance transportation. Plus, they are environment-friendly. Golf carts are a great investment, but every investment needs regular upkeep. Fortunately, golf carts are also easy to maintain. Here are some tips that will help you keep your golf cart in excellent condition in all seasons.

Keep The Batteries Charged

Make it a habit to keep the batteries in your golf cart charged at all times. Just charge them after every use, and you don’t need to worry about it stopping mid-track. Even when not in use for a period of time, letting them die out can shorten the battery life. Plus, you will have to charge it every time you need to use it. Keeping it charged ensures that you have quick access to your golf cart in case you need to go out for a short errand.

It is also a good idea to clean up the batteries, especially if you see rust forming. Use baking soda and a toothbrush to get rid of the corrosion. Also, keeping an eye on the water level of the distilled water in the battery every one to three months is recommended.

Check The Brakes Regularly

Maneuvering tricky or hilly terrains is impossible without perfectly functional brakes. To keep them in the best condition, the brakes of your cart need to be inspected thoroughly every year. Checking, cleaning, and adjusting the pads, drums, cables and pedals of the brakes are extremely important.

Professional Servicing Every One Year

A proper and detailed inspection and analysis of your golf cart is necessary to make sure there is no internal damage in your cart. Proper maintenance and regular servicing can extend the life of your golf cart and will be quite cost-effective in the long-run.

Keep An Eye On The Tire Pressure

The tire pressure needs to be checked every month. Uneven tires can lead to wear and tear, and ultimately you’ll end up having to change your tires before long. Plus, with correct tire pressure your golf cart’s battery will last longer and it will run smoother.

Buy EzGo Golf Cart Seat Covers: Front And Back

You need to protect your golf cart from the elements, like rain, sun, dirt, snow or bird poop. Seat covers also prevent stains, spills and crumbs from ruining the seats of your cart. Leaving the seats out in the sun without seat covers can make sitting on the golf cart an uncomfortable experience.

Get Undermount Slider Covers

Undermount Slider Covers are one of the best long roof EzGo golf cart accessories. They provide extra coverage for the golf clubs or people in the backseat. Those at the back are protected from rain and elements. And since they are custom and mount below the extended roof of your golf cart, it provides better coverage. Plus, Flip Fore Covers has a patent-pending sliding mechanism that makes it easy to slide in and out when required.

Keep Your Cart Clean

This is one of the basic ones–but keep your cart sparkling clean! Your golf cart needs a wash and if you don’t have that kind of time or are afraid of damaging the electrical parts, hire a golf cart cleaning services provider.

To buy long roof EzGo golf cart accessories, get in touch with us at Flip Fore Covers.

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