Covering Valuable People and Golf Clubs

Golf carts have become so much more than the cart fee you pay to play 18 holes at your local golf course. They have become secondary vehicles for cruising the neighborhood, going to dinner, camping trips and much more. 

On the golf side, a lot of people now have rear seat golf carts with short roofs. The issue we found with these golf carts is without a long roof, things get wet.

For me personally,  it was my coveted set of P790's. Without a golf club cover option on my rear seat, short roof golf cart, my clubs were always exposed. I solved that problem with the design of the Slider Cover which extends your roof when you need it and retracts when you don't. This retractable golf cart roof now protects my valuable gear.

For every other purpose that golf carts are used, our custom golf cart covers protect what you need protecting. Whether it be your passengers from rain or heat, to your groceries after a trip to the market. 

Long roof golf carts cannot accomplish what our golf cart covers can due to obvious restrictions. Lift the restrictions with our custom golf cart tops today!


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