Tips To Play Golf In The Rain

Anyone who plays golf in Florida will say there is seldom a guarantee that it won’t rain while you are out on the course. As strange as it may seem, the sunshine state is known for its rainy weather, which can compromise your game.

The pros never let bad weather ruin their game or form; we want the same for you! Here are our best tips for playing golf in damp weather:

Covered golf cart

Covering 18 holes while it pours isn’t the best proposition. A properly concealed golf cart is an ideal solution to a productive day at the course. Add a Flip Core Cover DIY golf cart roof extension to cover your cart completely, providing your gear, your caddie, and you complete protection from the elements. It’s perfect for a sunny day too!

Umbrella and towel

An umbrella will keep your gear dry and stop water from getting on your ball while you’re teeing off, and a towel will help you have a better grip. Golf becomes unplayable the moment your grip becomes slippery. So, keeping a towel handy is essential. Ideally, it would help if you took several towels in case the one you’re using gets too damp.

If it isn’t too windy, hang the towels underneath the umbrella and keep it open. This makes it simple to get to these towels during the round. For obvious reasons, it’s preferable to have a lightning-proof umbrella. Do check this before you head out to the course.

Waterproof jacket

The pros would know that Sandy Lyle was a pioneer in playing an undeterred game in waterproof jackets. Golfers today might have to pay a fair bit of money to procure one, but it’s worth the investment. Find one that’s comfortable, unrestrained for your swing, and breathable.

The jackets are not only resistant to water but also impervious to wind. You can repurpose the jacket on a chilly day or carry it to colder climates and play. No more bulking up with sweaters under your jackets!

Waterproof shoes

It’s bad enough the water comes over the top when you smash the ball into the rough. Playing golf with wet feet is one of the worst things about playing in the rain! When taking shots, you want to be comfortable and uninhibited. Investing in a nice pair of waterproof shoes is worth its while. Waterproof shoes aren’t invincible! If they’re too old, they will lose their purpose.

Rain gloves

These are a true game-changer when it comes to providing amateur golfers more grip control. Although most professionals don’t require rain gloves since their caddies keep them dry, adding a pair to your bag as an amateur golfer can give you a significant edge.

They were created specifically to play in the rain and are not made of leather; instead, they are constructed of synthetic leather. Worn on top of your regular golf gloves, these offer extra grip to better your game in the rain.

Waterproof golf bag

Most caddy bags aren’t waterproof; instead, they’re designed to be portable and used in dry weather. Owing to this, if these regular bags are kept on a moist surface, like wet grass, moisture will seep through the non-waterproof material of your bags. Your grips will inevitably get wet, which can make golf incredibly challenging.

A waterproof bag is a must to keep the caddy bag from getting wet and other gear from getting ruined. Alternatively, you can put it on a pull trolley when on the fairway.

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