What is the Extended Top for a Club Car Golf Cart?

Put the top down and enjoy the summer even more with an extended top on your golf cart. The extended top provides head protection and shade while also shielding you from rain and sun, so it’s ideal in many situations. But what exactly is an extended top? And how do you choose one? This guide will answer all of your questions about the extended top for club car golf carts, from its features to its availability to its installation process. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

What the Extended Top Does

The extended top for club car golf carts is much like any other roof: it protects you from direct sunlight and precipitation, but it’s primarily for heat and noise protection. The cover will keep the hot or cold air inside your cart instead of letting it escape, keeping your body temperature regulated. It also keeps distracting noises at bay, like road noise or music from your speakers.

The Different Types of Covers Available

The extended top on a golf cart can be attached to either an all-weather, hardtop, or soft top. The original hardtop extended from the above driver and passenger seats to cover golf clubs and extra cargo. However, today's drivers often require an additional enclosure to protect them from rain or snow while they're driving. This makes an extended top -- which is sometimes referred to as just an extended -- necessary on many carts.

How to Choose an Extended Top Cover

There are many options available when choosing an extended top cover. This can make it difficult to determine which style will be best for your golf cart. However, you should choose an extended top based on how often you plan to use it and where you plan to store it when not in use. Here are some of your options and tips on how to decide which one is right for you: Permanent: If you want to always have an extended top, then one that mounts permanently may be better than those that only attach when needed.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Extended Golf Cart Cover

If you’re looking for an extended top for your club car golf cart, consider buying one that can be easily removed, so you don’t have to take it off every time you want to play golf. If possible, find a club car golf cart top that has mesh or slots in it to let air flow through for even more comfort on those hot days when playing on sunny golf courses.

Where Can I Buy an Extended Golf Cart Cover?

If you’re in search of an extended golf cart cover, it may be helpful to check out online retailers that specialize in accessories such as club car golf carts. You can also contact dealers directly if you’re not interested in looking for a store that sells all-in-one accessories. Some online retailers even offer fitment guarantees if your new extended golf cart cover doesn’t fit perfectly on your golf cart!

How Do I Fit an Extended Cover on My Club Car?

The extended top for the club car golf cart comes with plastic hinges that attach to each side of your golf cart and allow you to lift it once you’ve closed it on top. The cover itself is split into two sections, making it easy to lift off and toss in your trunk or back seat without damaging any of its vinyl material. Depending on your vehicle, you may need help with pulling up one or both sides of your extended top as it can be heavy.

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