What to Consider When Buying a Long Roof Golf Cart

When it comes to building your golf cart, there are countless aspects you can customize, from the color of the paint to the type of tires and even the layout of your dashboard and console. But what if you could customize your roof to look just like a real one? Thanks to these instructions on how to make a long golf cart roof, it’s easier than ever before! You will need these materials and tools to build the roof of your homemade golf cart.

DIY Golf Cart Roof

Gearing up for golf season? If you have a golf cart but don’t want to shell out for a roof, we can help. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to build your own custom golf cart roof. It’s easy, cheap, and fun! Go on, give it a try. You might just get hooked!

Materials Needed

The following materials will be needed to complete your golf cart roof. Be sure you have all items on hand before beginning assembly:

Cutting The Pieces

First, measure your roof and make a note of how many pieces you’ll need. Each piece should be 3 feet long—you can use either 3-foot wooden planks or metal beams that have been cut down to size—and each one will need two cross-supports every four feet (to create an X) for support. Cut all pieces using either a table saw, circular saw, or handsaw. Then set up your jig on a flat surface to drill holes for your bolts: One hole at each end of every board (except for in between cross-supports), equidistant from each edge and no further than 1 inch away from any side.

Installing The Roof On The Frame

A homemade golf cart roof can be installed by placing a top plate across from each end of your frame and using an angle iron to connect them. You will then place cross braces, and load-bearing supports before installing your decking or plywood on top. With that done, you are ready to install your lights, seats, brakes, mirrors, and radio. The coolest part about making a homemade golf cart roof is that it’s easier than you think!

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