Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Cart Roof Extender

Golf cart roof extensions are constantly becoming a preferred purchase among golf cart owners looking to add more coverage to their equipment and other belongings. And why not? They keep your head protected, ensure better comfort for the other passengers, help avoid the harm caused by the sun, and add a new feature to your cart.

Having said that, it becomes essential to choose a suitable golf cart roof extender for your needs as the market is flooded with options. And not every available roof extension may suit your unique requirements. Also, the roof extension is not the only thing that you’re supposed to find. There are a few items that you will need at the time of installation, and it is wise to purchase everything together.

Here’s how to go ahead with your purchase:

Know your purpose

Why do you want to invest in a new roof extension? Is it for the sake of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your golf cart? Do you want to make it better for your fellow riders? Or is there another reason making you consider this? Whatever it is, it should be clear in your mind. That way, you will be able to pick something that serves the purpose, and you won’t have to consider replacing it for some time.

You may need new roof supports

Your old roof supports may have lost their durability to wear and tear. Sometimes, they may not be enough to hold the roof with an extension. So, it is crucial to check whether the existing roof supports still work. And if they don’t, you should consider getting new roof supports. At the same time, you should not forget to check other accessories that need to be replaced.

Know the company before you reach out to them or buy from their website

It is just so important! You should know who you are reaching out to for your needs or buying from. Much before you make a purchase, it is wise to conduct thorough research about the business. Do they understand golf carts and their requirements? Have they been in the market for sufficient time? These are a few things you should check in advance.

The bottom line

Buying a new golf cart roof extender may not be an easy task for someone who has never done it before. You may be willing to modify your cart and make things better for other people to elevate their experience. So, it is better to trust a supplier who has been in the market for years and knows what works for which cart. That’s how you find your perfect fit.

At Flip Fore Covers, we offer custom-made stationary golf cart tops for the rear seats of 4 or 6-passenger carts. Made from high-quality Sea Duck marine fabric and welded with 3/4-inch steel, these roof extensions are great for getting the benefits of an expensive long roof golf cart type at half the price. If you want to buy one for your cart, contact us today.

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