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Extended Roof Undermount Slider Cover

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 The Undermount Slider Covers for Long Roof golf cart are made with the same quality materials as the standard Slider Covers and function in the same way. The only difference is they mount below your extended roof on your golf cart rather than on the the struts as done with the short roof. This custom cover allows that extra coverage you need for golf clubs or passengers during a rain storm. 

  • We will need dimensions and pictures of your existing roof to make your cover fit as needed.
  • Yamaha, EZGO, Club Car, Icon Golf Carts, Icon i60L and more...

Undermount Slider Cover for Extended Roof Golf Carts

Keep your golf clubs, cargo, or passengers sitting at the back of your golf cart protected from rain and elements such as sunlight, storm, etc. by adding our Extended Roof Undermount Slider Cover to your golf cart. This golf cart club rain cover is a great addition to your long-roof golf cart, allowing you to safely store your clubs, gear, precious cargo in the back seat of the cart.

Our Undermount Slider Cover for long roof golf carts is made with premium quality material that is water repellent and does not stretch or shrink even when subjected to water and sunlight. Unlike the standard slider cover, this club car rain enclosure does not mount on the struts of the short-roof golf cart. Instead, it mounts below the extended roof on your long-roof golf cart and comes with a specialized sliding mechanism that enables you to slide it in and out when required. Its installation offers that extra coverage you need for golf clubs or passengers during a rainstorm.

This Undermount Slider Cover can be customized to fit the roof of your golf cart. When purchasing it, we recommend you provide us with the dimension and pictures of your existing roof and golf to customize your cover.

Features of the Undermount Slider Club Golf Cart Rain Covers by Flip Fore Covers

Durable fabric : We have designed and created this undermount slider club car precedent rain cover after spending years on research and development. We have used nothing but the best quality fabric that is water repellent and doesn’t stretch or shrink no matter under which conditions you park your golf cart. The fabric used in its manufacturing is also UV protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the cover for years to come.

Tailored Fit : No matter the size of your golf cart’s roof, our undermount slider cover can easily be customized to fit your cart's make, model, and style. With its patent-pending design, it is mounted below the extended roof of your cart, offering you much-needed coverage to protect your essentials or passengers sitting in the rear seat of your cart.

Sturdy frame : Along with using premium quality, water repellent fabric, we have also paid meticulous attention to its frame, ensuring that it stands the test of time and harsh weather conditions. The golf cart club rain cover frame is made from heavy-duty but lightweight material for maximum strength and durability.

Patent-Pending Sliding Mechanism : Flip Fore Covers’ club car rain cover includes a patent-pending mechanism that allows you to install the cover under the roof of your golf cart and slide it in and when required.

Color Options : our undermount slider cover is available in a range of colors to suit your unique cart, no matter its make and model. Whether you are looking for a cover to complement your red cart or something that would go with your black cart, we have just about every color for your cart. You can choose from black, red, charcoal, white, and many other colors.

Benefits of the Undermount Retractable Rain Club Covers for Golf Carts by Flip Fore Covers

  • It can be easily attached and requires no technical expertise
  • It covers your golf clubs, cargo, passengers, groceries, and more, protecting them from elements such as sunlight, rain, storm, and others.
  • Because of its unique sliding mechanism, it slides and stows easily when not required.
  • It goes from stowed position to full deployment in about 60 Seconds
  • It eliminates the need for expensive roof replacements
  • It comes in a range of color options to match your style and preference
  • You also get to enjoy custom embroidery options
  • This cover is guaranteed to increase the functionality of your cart

For years, golf cart owners struggled with keeping their golf clubs, cargo, and passengers in the rear seat safe and well-protected from the damage of harsh weather conditions. However, this undermount slider club car rain enclosure has brought all those problems to an end.

If you own a golf cart and want to safely store your clubs and gear, order Flip Fore Covers’ undermount club car rain enclosure today, and let us deliver it to you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy every ride in your car without worrying about your passengers or essentials.